Scope of design services:


General construction

We are offering complete sets of construction and assembly designs for structures, such as residential buildings, public buildings and industrial facilities. We also modernize existing facilities, adapt rooms and prepare support documentation for the facility demolition process.

Wind farms

Our wind farm design offering includes the following services:

  • performance of geotechnical surveys and professional evaluation of foundation soil
  • performance of construction and assembly designs of turbine foundations
  • performance of construction and assembly designs of the road infrastructure, installation sites, and modernization of existing roadways
  • performance of construction and assembly designs for electrical equipment
  • performance of power substations and transformer stations
  • architect’s supervision on the construction site

Telecommunications facilities

We also provide comprehensive formal, legal and design support services for design work on telecommunications facilities.

We offer a package of design works required in the construction process of new telecommunications stations and the expansion of existing stations. We also perform design support work for telecommunications facilities located on buildings and structures (residential buildings, churches, chimney stacks, electricity poles, industrial facilities) and high structures (tower cranes, pretensioned concrete masts etc.)

Pretensioned concrete structures

Our offer includes special projects, such as pretensioned concrete towers by Gastel Prefabrykacja Sp. z o.o. and towers from prefabricated reinforced concrete rings.

Design works for such towers are made individually for the Customer and include the following structures:

  • fire lookout towers
  • in-towers (with hardware mounted inside the tower, without the use of hardware containers)
  • lighting towers
  • advertisement pylons
  • monitoring and traffic analysis
  • special, non-standard towers adapted to their environment, such as tower stylized as a lighthouse