Herkules S.A. is one of the leaders in the constructions industry for the telecommunications sector.

We have fifteen years of experience in the performance of such investments, confirmed by cooperation with the largest telecommunications companies in Poland.

We offer a comprehensive service of constructing new communications facilities ready for use.

The scope of our offer includes:

  • the construction of tower structures: made from steel, pretensioned concrete (electrical installation works, foundation works, tower assembly, terrain development works)
  • construction of base stations on existing facilities
  • expansion of telecommunications facilities with adaptation works (ceiling reinforcement, chimney repair, foundation reinforcement, roof repair, tower reinforcement)
  • repair works for telecommunications facilities
  • installation of antenna systemsGSM/UMTS/LTE/WIMAX and PDH/ SDH radio lines
  • WLAN, optical fiber cable installations
  • installation of power rooms and BTS-es
  • indoor installations in office and arena buildings