Innovative Economy Operational Programme

Measure 4.4 Investments in innovative enterprises

2 turbines in 72 hours – An innovative service for comprehensive wind generator construction

PROJECT VALUE: 35,574,100.00 PLN




The goal of the investment is to diversify the offer of Herkules SA through the introduction of a comprehensive wind generator assembly and installation service – 2 turbines in 72 hours. This is a result of the Herkules SA strategy of dynamic development adopted by its Wind Energy Division, which handles works related to construction of wind farms. Herkules SA has created a proprietary technology for comprehensive installation and assembly of wind farms, which has been proving itself in the market for the last 3 years. Herkules SA has moved to patent the core, innovative part of the technology.

This patent-protected innovation has already been introduced to the market and greatly increases the speed and efficiency of wind farm installation and assembly services, and at the same time improves the safety and flexibility of the solution, while simultaneously reducing space requirements and overall costs.




Person responsible for the project:

Krzysztof Oleński

+48 22 519 44 44