About Herkules S.A.

We are a professional provider of hoisting equipment rental services and oversize load shipping services.

We also provide construction and assembly services for support structures, wind farms, as well as telecommunications and electrical energy structures.

We also manufacture pretensioned concrete and reinforced concrete containers (since 2013, these operations have been transferred to our subsidiary Gastel Prefabrykacja S.A.).


Our primary operations include:



  • rental of self-propelled cranes (40 to 500 t)
  • rental of tracked cranes (600 to 750 t)
  • rental of tower cranes ( 40-550 t )
  • road-based oversize load shipping
  • comprehensive handling of investment processes
  • performance of construction, assembly and electrical works
  • comprehensive wind farm equipment installation and assembly service


Products (since 2013 manufactured by our subsidiary, Gastel Prefabrykacja S.A.):

  • pretensioned concrete masts used in the energy industry
  • as well as telecommunications and advertising industry
  • electrical pylons
  • reinforced concrete containers


Our offer is primarily directed to the construction industry and all its sub-industries, including infrastructure and road construction, construction of structures, complicated industrial and power generating facilities, up to wind farm assembly management.

To this end, we have build a solid logistics and equipment pool, consisting mainly of vertical transportation devices, including tower cranes for heavy lifting.

Our wide scope of services allows us to provide a comprehensive construction project support service, and our experience and diversified activities are a guarantee of our continued development in new markets and industries, in which we can continue to succeed.

Our advantages include specialization in the oversize load shipping services, which are used in the construction industry and everywhere else where standard means of transports prove insufficient. These complementary services lower our operational costs in other areas.

We are active in the general, energy and telecommunication construction market, participating in the construction of energy networks, and providing complex services for the construction and furnishing of telecommunications facilities. Within this scope, we have been cooperating with the largest telecommunications companies on the market.

We are conducting our everyday activity from our head office and a well-developed network of branches located throughout Poland. The major share of our revenues comes from the domestic market; over 90% of our customer base is located in Poland. Thanks to the efficiency of our sales department, our respective branches and field offices, we cover the entire territory of Poland, focusing on large cities.